16 July 2008

After Hair Cut

You guys have been waiting for this!!! curiosity does kill people.....gugugu gagagaga!! But I'm sure you're still alive to see me.

After my post, you guys are very much looking forward to my new look.

SHOW TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Long! Sexy! and Silky! look is gone.....

So how do I look now??!! scroll down *DUH*

JENG!!!! JENG!!!! JENG!!!!!!



How ahhh?? Nice or not? Nice or not?? heheheheheheh

I'll just describe this look to be Lively! Adorable! Out-going!

I'm loving my hair...easy to manage! Get dry in a short time. Does not need to be neat, some wavy and not in place could be another style...

More photos in my next post. I tak berabis camwhore punnn....Malu bahh!!!

.seriously, i still look good or not :/


Mei-Wah said...

you looked refreshed! bet you prefer short hair now right? :)

cAth said...

uinah!cantik juga ba..hari2 long hair saja.at last u cut ur hair!!should cut shorter la.lol!

sooclara said...

mei wah : it's the same no preferences...coz both with 2 different personalities..hehe!!

cath : ai sehh..should cut shorter i know i know..tapi hair dresser tak berani...give chance la..

the vixen said...

you look nice but i like your long hair :O