19 July 2008

Why I was in .....?

This question has been lingering in your mind right?

ladylike is siao!!! drive all the way to

..... Nexus Karambunai! You guys are right!

And my readers are curious why I drove all the way up there? Just to snap pictures? *big eyes*

Maybe my camwhore session will give you some ideas lah....

the nature colours matching with my mood ;D

The sky is clean and clear, looking at the boys... no lahh...saja camwhore niii..

This photo way too far...I lazy wanna keep adjusting because the place I put the camera is short...if i focus you can't see the beautiful scenery

SOooooo..............do you know why I was up there after the photos were shown???

I was there for an Interview. Yup, they called me up and I went for a try. Now waiting for the outcome.

Nexus Karambunai is off - city. So if I were to work here, people, I'm gonna live in the hostel which more or less indicates I will rarely update by then. But don't be sad, I'm always connected here. Do continue to drop by. Whoever wanted to visit Kota Kinabalu, can drop a stay here and maybe I could arrange it for you easily? How does that sounds to you? :)

Coming up : Still another Good News pending!!! hehehe...!!!

.keeping our fingers cross.successful interview in a prestige organization does sounds great.right? right?

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Mei-Wah said...

wah!!! interview in Nexus? wow, working there will be awesome! :) with that kind of view, sea, beach and hunks (*wink*wink*), i don't mind giving up my internet connection! hahaha...