22 July 2008

Dating venue

I wanted to blog about this particular place since last week but I didn't find myself to sit still in front of the computer when I was at home. *sigh* You know, when you stare at the computer enough during the daytime, you just didn't want to spend much time on it during the night.

anywayZZZ, this is yet another place been build in Kota Kinabalu City, just beside Hyatt Hotel, for you to take a scroll overlooking the South China Sea with beautiful lights and cooling wind added to your order.

How sweet it is to take your love of your life , hand in hand? [OMG, the government is designing more place for the rakyat to go dating...desperate for population kot? LOL!!!!!!!!!!]

People like me wouldn't make a reason to come here and walk. In fact, you don't get to see people like me here. More often than not, places like this usually dominates by the pilak (illegal immigrants...if only i'm right about it) Next, who wants to come here when there's many of them?

It was still early at that time, so there wasn't many people yet.

Since it is newly open, they are quite many people Paktoh-ing. I had my dinner somewhere near, so I thought of dropping by and take a few shots and catch up with Hancock in Cathay.

It is quite safe though, because when I was passing by yesterday, I saw two policemen were on the watch. :) [that's the way i like it , aha , aha,]

Okay, I'm breaking the news in my next post! wait up yaa... ;)

.hee haa!!!.


Mei-Wah said...

paktoh there ar? hahaha... tanjung aru is also popular place right? hehehee... :)

cAth said...

The esplanade is call Taman Poket.lol