25 July 2008

I am going to Manila, Philippines.

Wuhoo!! I'm flying off on this coming Sunday! I couldn't believe it. It was a very last minute decision, about 3 weeks ago. THAT IS THE GOOD NEWS I'VE BEEN KEEPING QUIET! But most of my friends knew it not my readers.

Air tickets and accommodation is only RM 600 +. I guess this trip wouldn't exit RM 1200! So it's quite a good bargain. (n_n) and I haven't start packing yet. owww... It's going to be a shopping spree.

Don't stop dropping by when I'm away besides please do pray for me, for I shall come back in ONE PIECE. I shall payback by posting my trip. STAY TUNE!

.i'm not sad to go to the airport for I know I'm coming back after 5days!.

1 comment :

Mei-Wah said...

eh, going on holiday in manila? wah, have a great holidays then... bring back some souvenirs from here will ya? hhehee...