31 March 2009

Things to talk about

Hello readers! My friend's funeral service was conducted smoothly and everything was fine. It was indeed heartbreaking but all of us believe, it is God's will. This is also a reminder to all of our friends now that we should keep the friendship bond to be strong.

Ice Breaker:

When I say "Friend"

You say "Ship"

Me : Friend

You : Ship

Me : Friend

You : Ship

It is not easy to make/meet really good friends that understand every single thing about each other. Making new friends is easy but it takes time for the build up for a higher level of friendship. I really hope I will get 1 or 2 more in future. Who will be the one? Hhhmm, maybe next time I could write a post of my friends that I really share my thoughts & through all the choppy waves of how we met and how we get along.

Anyway, I've got a lot of things to talk about for my upcoming posts!!

1) Food - Korean & Western ...Stay Tune Food loverss!!~~
2) Balinese Massage

Maybe Sauna experience too if I am trying this coming Monday..ahhh~~

Before I sign out. Just did something random. Go to your "My Pictures" folder. Choose the 8th Folder & the 8th picture. What does it shows?

Taken in March, 2008. Siti & I hanging out in STAR. Us in the washroom playing with the phone camera. *Miss my long hair >.< *

She is a Malay friend of mine whom I met during my 1st practical attachment. We still keep in touch on & off until today. Rewind back. That was during my recovering period from inner sickness with very low self-esteem & also jobless. *sigh* It was gone, now is actually a year later. I am grown up, a year wiser than before. oowwhhh...sounds chessy.

Alright signing off, as Mrs Bed is ringing the bell really loud at my ear. It's the sign of B.E.D.T.I.M.E!!! :)

Goodnight everyone! Tomorrow is 1st April and it is going to be APRIL FOOL!!! so watch out...don't be fooled! ;)

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