08 March 2009


I had these for dinner yesterday...SUPERB!

Soup of the day : Mushi-maro soup MUSHROOM Soup. whatever~

Garlic Bread. I made this myself.

Ingredients : Bread / Garlic / Butter / Oregano

All you need to do is slice the garlic into very small pieces. Mix with butter until even then mix the oregano. Cut the bread into 4 pieces of each bread, spread the garlic mixture on it. Put into the oven for 10 minutes. DONE.


Another ULTIMATE delightfulness...my mum's master piece

GRILLED LAMB with Barbeque sauce. *double thumbs up. Till you wanna lick the plate... How can I not put on weight huh?!!! What do you have for dinner?


oh, remember I said I will continue to give away again?! hhmm...

This time I would wanna give away my ADIDAS RM50 gift voucher. Its going to expire on 15th March 2009, just around the corner, only realize when I checked the date yesterday.

I thought I may have no time to drop by between this few days, might as well treat my readers!

So, it is easy to get a chance to win. If this post reach 10 comments from different people, I may randomly pick the lucky winner. Since the expiry date is next Sunday I will fix the dateline is 11th March 2009. This time is for my local readers from KK only, although I know mostly are from overseas (that's why I set 10 comments, LOL). Sorry yaa...because this voucher only valid in KK.

Don't worry! Stay tune for more give away!


Mei-Wah said...

wahaha, yeah i borrowed your blog title "sharing is caring" for my blog post cos i kepala pusing on what to give the title for the post. then i terfikir your blog's title. taadaa... :) now my current most overused phrase in workplace is also "sharing is caring". i din tipu wan... :D

wahlauyeh, gift vouchers expiring on 15 March? u better give it out real soon cos 15 march is next Sunday!

Hin Ching said...

Me me me! I also want voucher =)

sooclara said...

mei wah : heheh..i see! that's nice my motto becomes a title now..LOL! maybe can intro my blog to them. hehe!

hin ching : hoho...if this post reaches 10 comments from my readers.so maybe you could get other readers to visit my blog here? hehehe!! tmr is the dateline oo..