11 March 2009


I am still in the office, doing paper work! ouchh!!

Yeah it hurts...and my time gone here, more than 10 hours. :(

I am now waiting for my pizza order for pick up and go home.

Do you think my life is interesting?! :) By the way, got to go now..pizza ready in 14 minutes and will be ready by the time I reach!

Continue this post again later.


Back! Oh, finally had my dinner, was really hungry! Pizza was good but 2 slice and mum's cooking. The left over pizza can be tomorrow breakfast. emm...think of it makes me goes yum yum! LOL. Maybe I was too hungry just now and it just makes me feel good with it.

And so, My Adidas voucher give away! Previous post didn't reach 10 comments, how to give away ahhh...? Sorry lo...maybe not this time, wait for the next chance lah. Maybe...

a month later...

two months later...

either 1 year later...

or 2 years later...

Well, neither the above will happen! Because I will just honour my Give Away to HIN CHING!!!!!!!!!!! hello? hin ching, can you hear me???!! Ya, I.AM.GIVING.AWAY.ALTHOUGH.THE.POST.DIDN'T.REACH.10.COMMENTS!!! you happy?

Having another person to be happy would be great. Me happy giving away and Hin Ching happy receiving.

So, Hin Ching, please drop me your telephone number(most convenient to get you) & your address. I will either courier service to you or meet up with you ok. But email to me asap once you see this post, or else you wouldn't get it because the expiry date is this Sunday~~~




Hin Ching said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sooclara said...

I gotta removed the comment because hin ching drop his mobile no. Sorry for the inconvenient caused.