13 March 2009

KK Treasures

Out of the 120 groups, we were not even listed in the TOP 20 groups.

Told you it was not EASY!
It costed us RM250.00 per group. Divided by 4 person. It is costly when I calculated like that. But when we got our Goodie Bag, it worth more that I pay.

So things from the Goodie bag...

KK United, Group name given by my cousin. Very the last minute to give the group name. It sounds like Manchester United instead KK United. (",)

The Adidas shirt we were wearing were given to us. Selling price RM59.90.

A Celcom simpack for each person with RM 5 preloaded.

Hi-Tea after the challenge... TOO much food until we were about to drop off during the performances, speeches and prize giving.

And also the Adidas gift voucher RM50.00.

The voucher so match with my lappy's colour. Which I wanted to give away~~

Bought two hampers back home. Well, once in a lifetime experience, who knows I wouldn't have the chance to join next year?

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