16 March 2009

Stepping Stone

I am so H.A.P.P.Y last night! Because Lee Chong Wei won Lin Dang in the Swiss badminton match. Wow!

As you know, Lin Dang was the champion of the year for last year and then he won the All England Badminton Cup last week. But this time, Malaysia won! Can you believe it? Yes, everyone is saying Lin Dang plays better than Chong Wei. But not this time, Chong Wei learned his mistakes and plays better than him.

And of course the stepping stone for Chong Wei to pick up some new skills to challenge him in future. Full of glory and smile in Chong Wei face when he won.


Very the Random...

now I can have McDonald for lunch because it's reasonable :) RM5++ for a meal compare to the normal pricing of RM 7++ per meal. You see economy crisis, rakyat also can't afford to eat more than average meal. Now we felt how the economy impact striked us.

Maybe the rich one with stable cash flows doesn't feel it lahh.. because this is their opportunity to buy property and assets at lower price as many would want cash at this moment of economy crisis. If I got money, I would have buy a condo / a house as an investment. Then when economy back to normal, I can sell the house/condo. Aiyah, is just dream lah!!

Earn my few hundred ringgit working first...don't think too much yet.


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