19 March 2009

Lunch @ Pacific Cafe

Today, I had a special lunch at work "We Care Our Associates". It is like an appreciation to the associates by the department head. This only take place once a year.

Our usual buffet lunch would only be 1 soup, rice, 2 dishes of meat and 1 vege with 1 dessert. As for today, everyone would have more than usual. They decorated the Pacific Cafe with the major blue & white colour. Looks like a wedding!

And what is even more UNUSUAL is the Head of Departments (HOD) would serve us food and clear our dishes on the table. During working days, I never get to see another face of the HODs. What I always see... is their angry faces. LOL! It is true, don't you think so? ;)

This is what I had. Beef long sausages, wedges and roast chicken. Doesn't really tasted Fabulous but better than the usual boring lunch. (its free, what do you expect) Free Food for every associates.
Today's dessert were lots and lots of choices...but I chose to have watermelon and 1 mini tart. Hehe!!

It is really a weird lunch I had. Because the HODs doesn't act like what they used to be in the other 364 days in working days. This is the only day they put on full smile and talk to us which other day, they might not even look at your face.le sigh. That is them!

That was an hour Lunch. And now, they are back to normal being what they are.

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