07 March 2009

Young Virgin Blood

Kids are intelligent especially in words. They would make the adults feel stupid at times. They ask 101 Questions and never ending Whys'.

This is Ying Ying. Look at her so chubby bubby...happy go lucky. Imagine when I was like her age, no worries and all smiles, speaks of anything that come to my mind.

How great that would be if I am her right now. But she would want to be like us. VICE VERSA! Oh well humans never be contented!

Let me share her stories. She was so funny the other day in the airport sending my cousin back to Ang-moh-land-conquered-mostly-by-asians or the Land of Kangaroo. My uncle, for the first time she met, got to know him at the check-in counters.

Then we proceeded to McDonalds while waiting for boarding. Seated at the McDonalds, we were divided into 2 tables. She was seated beside me and my uncle at another table.

She looked at my uncle and said...

She He

"Hey, you don't know me ahhh?? Why you sit so far??"


"Come here lah..sit beside me" (with all the hand actions)

She spoke like she knew him for ages!

Conversation about me and her.

"Jie Jie...why don't you wear nice nice ohh?"

"Mmm..I don't want to be so pretty like you...all in red"

"ehhh" *shifted her eyes and turn away*

Aiyoh, what kind of respond is that?? When I was as young as her, I can still remember I don't speak like her. I wouldn't have ask the uncle to sit with me, I would have ran away when he came near.

I wouldn't ask why isn't that Jiejie is wearing not nice clothes. -_- I was in short pants and Roxy top ok. I thought she would want me to wear something super striking with make-up and perfume all over. Oh. silly. That. means. nice. to. her.

Innocent and young! I want to be like her! :S Not that I am old but still the young blood that makes us laugh out loud.

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