06 March 2009

KKIA new look

This time I wanna blog about Kota Kinabalu International Airport. Remember I this post? Yeap, that time it was under construction.

Crossing the road with a little bitsy of my foot :D

And finally, today we have an "international" airport in the sense of the feel and structure. It has been like 20 years we walked in and out of the airport with the same old yellow tiles.

The yellow tiles, cannot be seen because the colour faded

It is very saddening that it were known as International Airport but the touch or feel isn't seems to be one of it. But not anymore after the construction took place. :D My first time since after the partially renovation.

Automatic elevator. Save enegry! :)

We have the broad roadway now compared to the congested one previously. The interior design quite much looks like KLIA with silver colour as the major colour for the building.

I really feel very much "Internationally" when I pushed the glass door opened and in at once the air condition make me shivered.

Seems death/quiet

This picture below looks more or else like KLIA. Don't you think so? See with spot light some more...It's like the light gonna shine to you when you do a performance there.

At the elevator, going to McD. Yeah food.

The check-in counters.

Well, I hope it matches the city with this "classy" airport soon with what we have now, the 1Borneo shopping mall with the flyovers, the University of Malaysia, the beaches and hotels. Not forgetting the people, the community. Stand up and grow with the development. Will you act together for it?

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Mei-Wah said...

imma here to cuddle u~ :) kekeke, the ladyspeedstick smelt vry nice on my armpit, now my armpit smelt heavenly wtf. lol!

finally the airport is done! i can remember clearly when they are renovating the airport, omg the dust and condition... ya allah~ (T____T)