27 February 2009


Omg...a few more days later, that's going to be a month I didn't blog!

*Guilty* Guilty* and sad... =( Where is all my time gone?

Can anyone help me to find time to blog? I am blogging now in the office which I can be caught at any time for doing something illegal and then they will terminate the internet connection on my computer.

Please pray for me to be save until I finish at least this one precious post! >.<

This time I want to share a valueable experience I've gained through the KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt took place on the 22nd Feb. This is my first time, paying RM250 per team for this need-a-lot-of-energy-and-time-and-IQ-challenge.

Started the day before, going through a run down on our strategy and briefing among members. Stickers session at 12.00am...

Woke up super early...at 5.45am and stop by at this kopitiam outside my house for popular Sarawak Kon Lou Mee and a cup of Milo for energy purpose.

Reached Nexus at 7am..and saw everyone having the warming up session. Looks exciting!

120 cars down on the road for the hunt searching. When people saw us running up and down, pointing at us, "Deorang main apa tu" (What are those people playing) and they stopped us. We were like..."...Treasure Hunt"(running out of time expression). "Ohh.. apa itu Treasure Hunt?" then we went (-.-''')

This is US - KK UNITED before we were FLAG OFF.

The driver,navigator=me, 2 passengers at the back.
It is more like an IQ challenge then Treasure Hunt. Trust me!

Example: Brave missing its head and you may have some beer.
Answer : Rave Pub & Lounge. (And with that answer you have to find the shop name. WTFish! Not easy huh?)

Why Rave? Because Brave missing his head = that makes it RAVE.

So If you think you would enjoy this kind of challenge... join this next year! It is only hold once a year. =)

We went all the way from Nexus Karambunai to Inanam to Lokawi Zoo, all in all about 120km radius. Do you know how much strength needed for that? We were given 6 hours & 30 minutes. It is definitely not enough. Well, if you are smart in planning by breaking up the group into 2.

We tackled it intelligently and got back in time. We lost very much points on the IQ questions. :(
HOHOHO!!!... Out of 120 groups, do you know which position we've got? Try guess! Correct answer, I give 1 buck. LOL! HOHOHO!!!...

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