07 February 2009

The Peace sign

What does the Peace sign mean? It is a nature call to girls that show off their fingers two (Peace sign) automatically when the camera in action. And commonly address it as V sign.

I thought it was only the Asians that loves to do that.

Japanese Girls in V sign even in beach with bikinis

Somehow the Ang moh's also have been influenced by the Asian.

View the ang moh pic here.

But to the Japanese, it is already customary/the must do thing for them to pose the V sign whenever they take a picture. Too much until they don't have a proper picture I guess. Handphone and camera flooded with self portrait pictures with V sign. LOL!

I was conducting a Hotel Inspection today in Sutera Harbour, bringing students around from hotel school in Japan. They were like 40 over students..

And one of my colleague taught me to say "Ya ma teh"! wtf! He is trying to get me into trouble or so...Don't ask me what it means because I,myself not clear but I am sure something isn't nice. He was laughing about that word for no reason.

As they just stepped their foot in the lobby, they started to pose the V sign.

no other pose?

There were communications breakdown as they couldn't understand what I said and I couldn't distinguish their pronounction. LOL! Like a duck talking with a chicken.

Duck = Me
Chicken = Japanese

Duck : Common walk around.

Chicken : No. hehe! (with barbie doll smile)

Duck : You tired?

Chicken : huh? ty-red?

Duck : I mean are you TIRED? (with some body language)

Chicken : Tire? huhhhhhh???????

Duck : T-I-R-E-D? errrr...(more simple one) You sleepy...?

Chicken : Yaayyyaa Ya, very sleepy. *yawns*

Do you think they look pretty with it?

hhmm...what do you think when I do that with them?

Hahahahaha!! I look like any of them? :) Booooo!!

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Mei-Wah said...

wah, whose the one with the thigh all shown up?!? lol...