20 April 2009

Hotel Giant

I just bought a PC Game : Hotel Giant.

I thought it would be good if I play this as I am now in hotel industry =) *blinks away.

Maybe am going to get promoted if I apply this game to my work. *half smile

Just being wishful. It is just a useless thought anyway!

Roughly, this game would be an overview like how & what do I need to start/run a hotel. And will see do I have the time to play it.

Have a Good week ahead!


Alvin said...

mmm this game is something like sim city?
maybe u can give a youtube tutorial on how to play this game properly, then send the link to ur bosses :P

sooclara said...

alvin : yeah it is something like sim city. LOL! i wont have the time to make a tutorial..haha! but the game itself do have tutorial course.