16 April 2009

Mumm mumm Italian

To all Kaki-Kaki Makan, here is another post specially for you =)

I blogged about this restaurant before to read the previous post click here.

WARNING : PRICES ARE OVERCHARGE! Maybe because hardly to find an awesome western restaurant in town.

For this time I had ...

Seafood Creamy Soup @ RM 8.90. Seafood lovers you may love it to the max!

Alfredo Fettuccine Pasta with Slice Bacon @ RM 18.90

The sauce is good however not really recommended as the slice bacons are too too tiny as you can see from the picture and you hardly could taste the taste of Bacon. Really serious...LOL!

There will still be another visit but no more of the Alfredo Fettuccine Pasta with Slice Bacon.

I really hope I can cut down my weight (@>@). Always re-watch the video that I last post. Funny & reminds me to diet.


Alvin said...

er...bacon shouldn't be used tat way =_= u cannot taste the bacon at all. :|

also, RM 18.90 is way too expensive! it's like having pasta in klcc area !

Mei-Wah said...

wahlauyeaaa... high price to pay but asalkan sedap, apa pun cincai lah! but if expensive AND not delicious, then i'm not happy. :) makan kenalah happy bahhh~

sooclara said...

alvin : i reckon this restaurant more suitable for tourists.

mei wah : the carbonara so damn gooddd!! delicious.. GUESS WHAT? i had dinner there again yesterday.LOL!