08 April 2009

Bintulu Korean Restaurant

edit : Guess what?! I visited this restaurant again today for dinner. I am so late in my post! *sigh* Will blog about my second visit few days later...

Many favor Japanese cuisine more than opting for Korean. In my own prespective, I view Japanese & Korean has their own speciality in serving their local food however, in some they do have the same similiarity.

Japanese well-known food is sushi where as Korean do have sort of like sushi but better known as Kimbab. Not very sure of the spelling but when you pronounce it sounds the same. ;)

This is my first visit to a Korean Restaurant in KK. Once I visited in KL during I was studying, couldn't recall much on the taste already because it was like in 2007. Neither I favor any between Japanese or Korean but I do love both.

So Bintulu Korean Restaurant in Lintas is one of the many that mushroom in city, I would recommend. Price is quite reasonable.


Lot 1-1, 1st Floor, Block E, Lorong Lintas Plaza 3, Lintas Plaza, 88300, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Contact No: 088-270370

Me & the pot.

Appetizer. Kimchi and two other mixed vege. Not quite spicy but for fear of spicy-ness, they still could take them; not very much. Automatically served in the two korean restaurant I visited in my life so far.

Korean Special Tofu. Not very special though, but it is a light serving with seaweed topping and light soya sauce as the gravy. I tasted Japanese one is nicer than Korean.


Spicy beef soup.... ahhhh!!! this is good man...Not recommended for phobia of spicy & hot.

It doesn't get really spicy down my throat for the first few sips. But as I go along enjoying more & more, it literally becomes spicy. And I went "ehh...quite spicy..wth.." hahahaha!! But still it is undeniable soup which won the must-have-soup-in-korean-restaurant-visit in my list. Heck!

The bowl of rice is pretty special than what we had at home all the time or the Chicken rice. This restaurant serves Rice with barley, steamed in the most suitable temperature.

Thumbs up! When the rice mixed with the soup and beef sliced. AHHH!! Feel like eating them now. My mum went 2 consecutive days, first with me and the next day she brought my dad. So irresistable.


Besides that, the restaurant has a section that served you in typical korean culture by sitting on the floor with the short leg table. I wanted to try but my mum can't or else she would have bad pain after the meal.

Shoe rack on the side and inside the tinted glass is where people had their meals by the floor & short leg table.

The two men in the picture really enjoy to the max until they bought Chivas and wine to go together with the food. Is that a good combination?

If you tried before do add on my list in the comment box.


Alvin said...

aiya, i don eat beef la. maybe thats why i don reli enjoy korean food =_=

sooclara said...

alvin : yeah, its true...if you dont take beef that Korean food isn't a good option for you...