09 April 2009

Meat Pie

I am so sleepy now. I was planning to blog about my Balinese Massage experience for this post but unable to do so because too tired. Sorryyyy!! :(

Just a short post before I got to bed.

Super sinful pie .... really evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too good to be true....

Brought all the way from Australia to Kota Kinabalu.

One of the must eat food in Australia. Trust me, you will not be wrong. Whatever pies you can get in Aussie, it is definitely greater than any you can get in Kota Kinabalu. 100% flush down your throat and you don't realize you would want a second piece.

Famous pie : Michelle's Pie. Quite costly, around AUD 3.50 compare few years back it was only AUD 2.50. If Michelle's Pie is hurting your pocket then go for the frozen pie you can get in supermarket. Recommended brand : Big Ben Pie. Packed in 4 pieces. Reheat it with conventional oven for 30mins and it taste about the same with the fresh pies from Michelle's...

Beef pie!!!! Irresistible! *saliva drop*

Anyone from Aussie would wanna courier me some? :)

Next update : Balinese Massage. Try once and you want more!

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