13 April 2009

Balinese Massage

As promised, here is the long awaited Balinese Massage experience post! =D

I jumped to the right bed

Need a Balinese Massage which only can be found in Bali? Nope! Balinese Massage is available almost everywhere now even in small town like Kota Kinabalu, many massages service offered targeting mostly the tourists.

is it known as Balinese? Obviously, I think the massage skills came from Bali, an island in Indonesia. (Read more about it
here) Gradually it became well-known as tourist tried the massage in Bali then spreading the word around and a business that could make money and so we get them everywhere today.

And the question now is, which massage is the real Balinese Massage?
I can't answer it because I, myself would have not know which is which. I only understand massage is to loosen our muscle from being tense. Maybe the difference is the Oil they applied on our body and also the style of massaging.

Let me share the Balinese Massage that I had last 2 weeks ago.

It started with a small cup of Ginger tea while the massager explained what she will do for the whole process. Solely, I just enjoy the ginger tea which I wouldn't favor because I don't like ginger at all.

Then after the short explanation, she then gave us a sample of 4 types of oil (Mandara-home made, tranquility, harmony & i can't remember) explaining the function of them. My friend & I chose Tranquility as it is for stress-free, relaxation & refreshing.

She then lead us to the washroom and told us to get change into Sarong, place our belongings and jewelry. And of course get us wore a disposable black underwear. While we got ourselves changed, she went to prepare the oil and necessary tools for the 50 minutes full body massage.

Sarong, disposable underwear and hotel slippers. That drawer was where I kept my jewelries.

No pictures taken during the massage because we were naked only with the black disposable underwear. The room was locked during the massage going-on. The 50 minutes massage concentrate more on the back and also the leg.

My Black Underwear

After the massage, the lady did a facial massage for my face. All ingredients applied on my face were edible. There were yogurt, cucumber, carrot, milk & vegetable. So today you will learn something new. Anything that is edible - vegetable, fruits or healthy food are good for face.

Rejuvenating after the process and it made me slept well. =) Do have your try in anywhere if you can get.

For more information of the massage services, please contact 088 - 318 888 to be directed to Body Senses or Mandara Spa.

1 Sutera Harbour Boulevard

Kota Kinabalu
88100 Sabah, Malaysia

Next update :
Diet commercial video. LMAO! =D


Mei-Wah said...

did you get to do it for free??? ;) hehehe... i tried a full body massage at cres moment and i fell in love with it. that was my 1st and last time with body massage as it was too expensive... (psst, they got installment plan wtf).

sooclara said...

mei-wah: yeah, for free. :) cres moment? yeah its look classy leh the shop. there is one in warisan square but I never been before.

so u r now paying by installment? wtf!