07 April 2009

Shit I sucked!

It takes a lot of courage for me to write this post for being fear to be read by someone who knows this particular person. I didn't intend/want to write the things she did to me but today I am really freaking angry with her!


I never come to understand with people saying it's so tough at times when you work with someone that gives you headache & trying to make your life worst. All this time I thought it's easy by telling straight to the person's face that you are doing so irresponsible work. I was so innocent like that -___-

Or either I can just ignore the person anyway.

Now I comprehend that IT IS NEVER EASY TO DEAL WITH IT!

I emailed her weeks ago that it is not easy for us to continue working like that. I am really upset with how you deal with me and your work. I am very sorry to say I am not the suitable one to work under you in getting papers prepared before hand for you. Too much of complicates in between before I am able to ready the final piece. WHAT THE HECK! I am so brave to email her and tell her : If so, do complaint and find someone suitable for you since I can't do it for you!

To no avail, she didn't reply my email. But requested me to speak with her in the next afternoon. So fine! Afternoon came, she was unable to attend. Says, dinner. Again, she didn't care and just thought it's another same old email, what is new?!

And so, I didn't meet up with her. I thought she would have changed after I've told her. I am working directly under her, this makes me difficult to ignore most of the times.

This morning, she was asking for my tracking log. Ok, I think you don't know what it is. It is a document I have to update everyday with the New & Old leads, status, contact person & details. Indeed, managers themselves have to do it on their own for their report to submit. She everytime has to ask for my tracking log, to get her report done easily.

Her : Please email me your tracking log?

Me : You didn't update your own?

Her : I just want to check and see your tracking log? CAN OR NOT!

How do I answer it? Everyone knows her attitude but no one wants to tell her to her face. I mean why do organization needs to keep an asset that is not worth keeping for? Been caught once in watching movie in the cinema during office hours, mostly leads not materialized & with the popular of 101 reasons to defent!

She really get on my nerves! Others know she has been wrong but why am I so unlucky to have her as my head?
-_________- See my long papaya face!!! I don't think they felt it anyway because the person that sucked the shit from her is ME!

I don't care if she read this. it is F.R.E.E.D.O.M of speech!!

I wish I could get colleagues whom can work & party together. Not many could have been so lucky.

And now I know why bosses love to be bosses.

I believe she would get a huge shit too one day. Bigger shit which she gave me all the time. Just watch and see! Maybe not any time soon...but one day...one day. I am sure.


Alvin said...

Hmm, u sound ...like u wanna kill someone. :P

Well, to me, everyone is an asset to a company depending on how the bosses gonna use him/her. The person who is sitting on the lap is also an asset to the boss :P

In your case, you can either change job or wait for your job to be completed (in case you're doing industrial training). :) No point working under someone you don't respect.

And don't go against her. What goes around...comes around? Donno the phrase betul tak.

But well, don't burn bridges. That's all I can say. This world is very small and you will never know what will happen in the future.

sooclara said...
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sooclara said...
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sooclara said...
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sooclara said...

alvin: thank you for your comment. would want to change but not easy..yeah, that's why self-control is much needed for me at times..hahah :)

Alvin said...

i used to b like u. :) don worry, you'll learn. haha.

sooclara said...

alvin : yeah, i can sense that by the way you blog. :) that is why I think you would know better than me.

Anonymous said...

It is simply matchless :)