03 April 2009

Laugh & Smile with me

I received this email in my Inbox. It made me smile. Pictures with few words/without words tells the joke! wakakakaka! So I thought of sharing them with you here if you did not get the forwarded email before...

You know Baby - Sitting? Sit on the baby lahh!! (>.<)

Where is the baby? Maybe he is blind, so he feed the turkey!! Wakakakak~~

He stole the watch. Evillll...~But still its funny!

Got himself hang after he got shocked from the treasure box! pufff!!

Once, I saw a video before, a man stole a sack of money from the bank but as he reached home, head was shreded into pieces because people say "Orang jahat akan mendapat balasan". I'll show you the video if I still keep it, somewhere.

Normal coke will make you fat..so Diet coke please??

Yeah..and that's why we heard news from Western countries, school boys kill schoolmates.

Cat kena bully by mouse! *dumbo*

So the snake wants to kill himself like human does? Laugh laugh!!

6 alive chickens : Will I be one soon?!!

Need I say more? (@.@)

Coke & Pepsi war!!

Is this clone?!

*shock* & confused

Cats dalmation? WTFishhhh!!!


That's all I have. You body is 50% healthy than your usual day because you activated best part of your body cells!

The end.

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