26 March 2008

Labuan - Day 1

Yeahhh!! I am finally back to HOME SWEET HOME!! I was only away for 4 days 3 nights, I've already missed KK so badly. huhuhu... (",)

I took the first class seat of Labuan Express Ferry from Jesselton Point, KK.

Above: Labuan Express Ferry
Left: First class on-going seats
Right: First Class homecoming seats

I don't know why the seats are so much different as both are rated as the first class seats. I felt more comfortable with homecoming seats as there are new. Maybe because one is an older ferry another one is new. It was to believe that the non-stop journey takes about 3 hours but heck, it took me
3 hours and 20 minutes to arrive Labuan!!! I was so not in the mood~~ But the journey back to KK took only 2 hours and 55 minutes...arrgghh!! Ferry speed problem for sure.

Where is Labuan?

Look so near but yet so far

Labuan is a very small island which you could travel in one day. Famous of the shipwreck diving, known as the Pearl of South China Sea and heaven to alcoholics, chocolate lovers and hardcore smokers because it is one of the duty free island in Malaysia.

If none of the above is you (unless you love a little history), then you would find Labuan to be an unwanted place to go. Frankly speaking, there is no delicious food in Labuan, all are the same, I assure you.

I had drumstick chicken rice with ice lemon tea. KONON...best chicken rice in town, I tasted like normal or should I say, KK chicken rice is much better. hehehe!! Order the breast part better, less bone because my drumstick a lot of bones, can't enjoy the meat much.

Labuan is under the Federal Territory Government. You can expect the town to be beautifully landscape, clean and properly structure. I was made to understand that the landscaping project costs around RM 5 million *breathe in, breathe out*

Any of the traffic lights corner

Outside the Financial Park Complex walkway

Outside the Public Library

The roadsides

The biggest roundabout in Labuan

Nice flowers in attractive colours...mmm...I'm tired for now, more in my next post.

.Heading to bed.

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