27 March 2008

Duty Free Heaven!!! - Day 3

There isn't any post for Day 2. It was Easter Sunday and I just hang around with my cousins.

Everything sells in Pearl of the South China Sea are tax free ranging from food to vehicles.

Smoke until you get lung cancer ..... some selling at Rm 1 ONLY!! cheapppp!!

There are too many brands for you to choose. Even cigars got flavours one...

Maybe when you inhale, you can taste the chocolate flavour. I don't know what's that special flavour is.

Whatsoever this alcohol is...something like Merlot 5 litres only RM 75

Chivas (12 years) per bottle only cost RM 65. 1 person is limited to bring 1 litre out from Labuan.



1 Bucket of Heineken (6 bottles) only RM 24!!

See...so cheap!! Drink until you pass out!! Hehehe!! Those are health hazards... what about something else?

Here you go choc...choco...chocolates! Bring happiness to your moody-ness~

Stacks of Tableron

Imported nougats

Cadbury "Choose Happiness"

Chocolate Liquors collection

Did any of the above tempts you?? *shiny eyes*

.Enjoying the sweetness.

1 comment :

Nazarin said...

woo clara...haha the ciggs are heaven man at labuan..lol now really tempted me to smoke again...=S...haha the black devil i tried it once in langkawi man really awesome the chocolate flavour but frequently smoke it will make me dizzy man...and aaaa the chocolates man so nice!!