18 March 2008

My first meet with Nicole

I missed the Nuffnang's 1st Birthday Bash. I wished to go but I'm in the East! When I read so many posts by the bloggers, the party was really a hilarious celebration...hopefully I could show up for next year =D

Anyway, I met Nicole yesterday. She came to Kota Kinabalu and I planned to have a meet up. Have been reading her posts for quite sometimes and since she is dropping by here, I took the opportunity to meet her in person. I'm daring (I still didn't believe I actually did ask her!!) to meet a completely stranger which I never speak nor chatted before through the internet. I just read her blog alone all this while.

Before the meeting, I was worried there would be a long silence, nothing in general to share or in all, anything that would make the meeting a little awkward. Nonetheless, it turned out to be alright... =)

So I brought her to Sabah Museum. I'm not a History lover...unless you put it in an interesting way. (I study History for the sake of compulsory subject!!) Well, there's always something to learn, which I came through the Idahan Wedding Costume and some ceramics. No pictures were taken as camera is prohibited in the museum. =( I can't show you anything, indeed you have to see it all by yourself. It is open daily from 9am to 5pm with an entrance fee charging at only
RM 2 per person for Malaysians.

Nicole, Me and my sister

Then proceeded to the Kota Kinabalu "so called" Chinatown, Foh Sang for a late afternoon tea. Introduced the Lemon Teh Ping (Ice Lemon Tea) and Wo Teh (Dumplings) to Nicole as they couldn't get them in KL. The Lemon Teh Ping is like "Teh O Ais Limau" in KL, but Lemon Teh Ping uses Lemon while Teh O Ais Limau uses Lime. Both taste sour...

It is just a short and light hang out with Nicole (let's have her to say), and I being an unlicensed tour guide.

p/s: Nicole, if you are reading this, hope you had an enjoyable trip in KK. See you again soon! =)

.Love history day,ahakz.

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