16 March 2008

Donggongon Market

Almost about a year, I stepped my foot again in Donggongon Market. I was here last year in the late afternoon for a look over whether Donggongon Market could be a tourist attraction. ( When I was undergoing my internship in Discovery Tours
) There were not many stalls I saw at that time maybe due to the time of visit. But at the late mornings at 10am, it is crowded with stalls selling various things.

Market, yes it is so HOT!! I dressed like going to shopping malls because I wasn't inform that we would be coming here. *red face* If you are visiting here, put on your short pants and t-shirts, don't say I didn't warn you : D

The stalls are operated by multi racial locals, Malay, Chinese, Kadazan, Dusun...eerr..I didn't see any Indians. I could say it is quite big. There are divided into sections like a corner selling vegetables, dried anchovies, plants, traditional herbs and Sabah souveneirs.

Let's start with the vegetable first. (Don't ask what it is because I, myself didn't know -_-''' Don't worry, if you are buying a tour package, they will be a guide doing the explanation )

Known as "ragi" in Malay. It is use to make 'Tapai" (Rice wine)

Home made honey. Come in different colours

Local delicacies.

Looks like Doreomon's cookie.

Cheap and delicious!!!

...very yummy! trust me :D

Live cooking. Frying noodles.

Cooked dishes.

In the center, they have this souveneir for sale.

Kadazan Traditional Costume


Known as "Gong"

Traditional healing herb. It is believed to be very effective and healed many types of illness. (Don't know how true it is) The seller will teach you the preparation of the herbs.

Anchovies section.

My eyes go so blur...Too many man! Smelly and flies everywhere~~

Authorizes doing inspection. Rajin-nya...

Before you see the next captions I have...well, you guys like to eat Japanese food right especially sushi...mmm~~ So you always come through UNAGI either sushi or set meal in the menu. Do you know how it really looks like or not?








Can you see the heads??!!

Selling at RM 20 per kilogramme

Ready for sale

Feel like throwing out?! Still dare to eat UNAGI?

.Ultimate hot day.

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