14 March 2008

Airport Phobia

My mood is just like the weather now.

Sky turning grey. On the way to KKIA

I just came back from Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) a few hours ago. A place that operates 24 hours which brings overwhelming joy and melancholy sorrow for 365 days! Both emotions of huge contradictory that send a thrill down your spine at situations. Why am I aphorizing these?

Situation 1 : You get so excited and waited anxiously at the arrival hall for someone.

Situation 2 : Bid goodbye and you don't get to see that someone at any time soon.

Did I give you a clear depiction of the emotions to match with the situations? There I was at situation 2 just now and I really HATE THE FEELING!

KKIA under construction

The small corridor

I don't know how long it takes to complete the whole building. We can't drive into the arrival nor the departure hall, we have to go through a corridor carrying our belongings.

Check-in counters

While waiting for the departure gate to open, we sited here for our last meeting of face to face for this year. I'm here to send off my uncle and aunt. It has always been a "practice" ( I cannot think of a better word right now) since their first homecoming that our tears would flow right down to our cheeks at this very moment of separation. Today, it still happened to us after 20 years...but but...I did manage to control my tears this time!!

I am really phobia to airports because I know situation 2 will happen if situation 1 takes place. Hence, you still can't do anything because it's natural and life is like this. *shrugs* I understand how the technology of this century can keep us in touch but the feeling of touching someone in person and feeling the warmth is so different. ( How I wish we can stretch our hands into the computer screen and hug someone at the other end. * stupid me* but will it become reality in the future? HAHAHAHA!! )

Heavy rain when I left KKIA. (The picture illustrate exactly of our emotions)

The dark sky

Safe journey!

p/s: Jenn, if you are reading this, remind your mum she owes me RM 50 because
she kept saying I will be the first and the loudest one whom cried. Was I like that last time? -_- So we put a bet on each other. Who ever cry first or cried is going to lose their RM 50.

.Bon voyage.

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