12 March 2008

I feel OLD

I started to feel old...ooppss PARDON ME. If I offended my readers here.
What I mean is I felt like I'm older than 20 this few days. I've been meeting people not in my age, started talking about general issues and answering the questions that "they" liked to ask eg. How old are you? , What did you study?, What do you plan to do? and the list goes on.

So I was a bit slacking off too...anyway, there are things that keep me alive!

1. GOD
No point ending your life when I felt like dying during the FEVER attacked because the death calling haven't come yet. God still has a purpose in me to be done.

I still have the responsibility in the family. So I just can't wave goodbye and disappear for the rest of my life. errr... Do my boyfriend include here? Oh ya, I forget I didn't have one. Don't mind me dreaming once in a while.

Finally, I'm done taking the antibiotics. (been forced to be taken due to the throat infection and the fever than doesn't subside) Do you know how antibiotic isn't good for body? It actually kill the good and bad bacterias in your body. The next time when you fall sick again, the bad bacteria will be even more active and stronger than before to attack you again. This of course make you to consume a higher mg of antibiotics. SCARY!!

Although I'm sick, I still eat McDonalds. (See...how to get well like that). Basically, it's all about eating this week because my uncle and aunt will be leaving this Friday.'

5. ???

I think that were the things that kept me through my week. I cannot recalled number 5. Just leave it blank.

.Goodbye Mr & Mrs Sick.

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