09 March 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl

You may came across papers, tv commercials, internet or any other media medium on the Malaysian Dreamgirl contest. If you didn't, then let me talk a little bitsy here. =)

It is one of the reality show that broadcast online searching for models . Do you know how many internet users are there in Malaysia? Don't freak out! Out of the whole population in the country, less than 10% of Malaysians know how to use the internet. So with this Malaysian Dreamgirl that airs online, the current internet users play the weapon in spreading the word " You can watch Malaysian Dreamgirl online, go get a line fix ". An attention-grabbing opportunity to urge Malaysian to apply the technology today! See...how attractive this Malaysian Dreamgirl could be? Yet, a reason to go online *winkz*

Why you should watch Malaysian Dreamgirl?

1) Equipped yourself how-to-be-the-girl thing [ If you consider to take part in the next show or any other competitions otherwise in your daily live]

2) Learn from the contestants mistakes [You can't live long enough to make them all yourself..hehe!]

3) Bring out the best in you

If I were to be around in Peninsular Malaysia, I might head for the auditions. You know why? Because you don't get many chances to do it later on, while you are young, why not try something that maybe would change your life entirely [if you are thinking of being famous], either you are able to pin point your own weaknesses in you and do something about it right?

Anyway, the video is now released for viewing. I went through the Part 1 auditions and I find it to be interesting. There are 3 judges, Kenny Sia, ( famous blogger ) Elaine Daly ( model ) and Lim Jimmy ( only came to see his face after hearing his name for quite some time ). At my first glance, I were to see Lim Jimmy would be the one criticize very much without sympathy and on the other hand Elaine Daly would be very particular on a girl's physical attraction. It's nature call, because Elaine herself is a model and she knows very well what to have in a girl at fingertips. Kenny Sia seems not to know much what to do or say maybe it is because he didn't conduct such contest before.

In fact, I was a little judgemental at the beginning by throwing what-I-think-about-the-judges kind of attitude. I was totally wrong about Lim Jimmy and Kenny Sia. Looking through the Part 1, Lim Jimmy was so humble in his words by not hurting the girls, on the contrast, Kenny Sia directly speaks out what he thinks about the girl. This made the whole competition to be appealing and makes me can't wait for the next episodes. For this fascinating show, Sazzy Falak will
bring her attitude in to be the host handling the 12 contestants.

From what I've discovered in Episode 1, Being Confident isn't enough, you have to voice out and speak. Yes, I'm serious, in everything, you have to strike a balance, same goes to confident..so over-confident nor less confident not going to bring you any further. If you are questioned, " Do you think you are pretty?" You definitely have to be firmed and answer " Yes, I am " and continued with your justification why do you think you are pretty. If you say you are not, then why are you standing in front of the panel judges in taking part the Malaysian Dreamgirl. Right?

This programme is not just a common ordinary reality show to be assigned or fill in the television programme of the year. It is to mold the Malaysian girls out there. So see yourself being like one of the girls that bring anticipation to the community. =) What are you waiting for? Watch it!

If watching wasn't enough for you....then you should start punching in the letters on your mobile phone to vote for your favourite contestants. Your vote counts!!!

.Excited for the next episodes.

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