20 March 2008

I found me

Searching for something to see ... we Google...

Searching for any kind of information ... we GOOGLE...

Almost everything we Google...but do we Google our own names? Hehehe!! Staying in the boredom container, I looked out for myself in the net..*giggles*

Thus, I Google search my name and some images of me appeared.

Look at my hair, not in proper place...Let's just say it was naturally flow in that way

Wahh..this photo was back then in 2006 year end!! But it was uploaded on October 2007 by Maps. I looked like little girl, I was just 18 years during that time okay... I remembered this photo was taken in the early morning at 7am, woke up early for the photoshoot. I didn't see the pictures uploaded in her flickr's, not till I went to Google my name!!

When I saw my face I went
"eehhh...me!!!" Then their comments by her friends. Just when I felt lack of self-esteem, suddenly strangers compliment me, it actually makes me feel better. ( A way to comfort myself..laugh out loud! XD ) No photoshop was done to the photo, that's the real me.

I came to know Maps when I was undergoing my internship in Sabah Tourism. Like she said, we crammed in the studio room like sardine, so I get to know her. (I hope you didn't mind my presences of getting some warmth in there..hehehe *winkz*winkz*) Misses all the jokes and laughing :D

She is an official photographer for Sabah Tourism Board. Captions by her are marvelous and awe-inspiring, see more of her works here. As many photographers I knew, by and large, they have this attitude which I categorized as unique character that stands out than any other normal people like me, yet I cannot understand. That is why there are recognized as PHOTOGRAPHERS!! More often than not, they are the quiet ones...

Smileys!!! Just as I wondered, does the smile still carves on my lips~ (Stop! *Don't go depressed*) :-))

That was me! Owwhh, I miss myself being 18th!! :D Am I the girl next door? *shy* EeeRrr...did I say...anyway, MAPS I HAVE TO SAY MY YOUNG DAYS PHOTOS ARE COLOURED BY YOU AND I ENTIRELY LOVE THEMMM!!! xoxo

Another nice shot...

I don't look thin at all here

Seriously, I don't find myself to be photogenic but...down-to-earth, which I just laugh when I laugh, I don't even care if that handsome guy looking. I really laugh a lot until sometimes people have to say stop laughing. People say, laughs make a person grows fleshy (I mean a person with a little of meat) however, I'm the opposite one! I'm super duper thin I really have to admit, under under weight! I don't gain weight even I'm eating much...is this what people addressed me lucky?

.Give me back the smileys!!!.

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