31 March 2008

Kid at 21st Century

Back to last time, playing with kids is stress free and fun!!

They are cute and adorable.

Today, it is so much different. Kids speak very well and likes to ask any sorts of questions. Being someone wiser than a kid, we have to answer them with appropriate answers. We can't cheat them or else next time, they will use the same words to shoot us back and the adults will go "errrr..." *mind blank*. In fact, it is stressful if we are not smart to tackle their questions well.

If you come to know any child like that, you get what I mean. Sometimes, I even go -___-''' (huh?? how to answer? If I answer, you don't understand) then eventually everyone will say, "When you are older you will understand"

Now let me show you this handsome boy

A 7-year-old boy named Jasper whom is energetic and full with young spirit.

Quote you part of our conversation :-


Jasper : Jiejie, where's you boyfriend?

Me : Jiejie, no boyfriend...

Jasper : Jiejie, liar!! So big already no boyfriend.

Me : What about you? You have girlfriend in school...? *tickles him*

Jasper : *laugh*... no girlfriend. Daddy say big already then only can have one. So jiejie so big already also have one.

Me : Jiejie, don't have one yet. Why don't you become my boyfriend?

Jasper : aaaahhhh!! I don't wantttt!!!

Me : Why don't want? Jiejie bring you go eat KFC worrrrr... and bring you go walk walk...

Jasper : *keep laughing* don't want!! don't want!!

(An uncle beside us keep laughing and smiling)

Jasper : Uncle, jiejie said become my girlfriend...cannot right???!!!

Uncle : Can...jiejie bring you go KK...eat KFC, so delicious, you don't want??!

Jasper : eeeeeeee......don't want!!!

(The convo continued for the night as he was trying to ask everyone disapproval of me being his girlfriend. Funny boy! Running here and there...laugh non-stop)


The next day was Easter Sunday. We went to church for celebration and coincidently, again Jasper sat beside me. Wahhh, Jasper so happy to see me...Suddenly, he came to sit on my leg.
(Like known me for long time already)

However, his little brother whom doesn't speak much, jealous of his brother sitting on my leg. What he did is, he pushed his brother away and sat on my legs quickly. Subsequently, both brothers started to fight. Luckily their father was just a length arm beside me, trying to stop them.


Dad : Jasper, you sit here, beside jiejie okay?

Jasper : No, I don't want! I sit on jiejie's leg first but he pushed (pointing at the brother) me away.

Dad : You are big already, if you sit on jiejie's leg people will laugh at you.

Jasper : Yeeerrr...daddddyyyyy...I sit first worrr....how can?! *grumpy face*

(Standing with hands cross)

Jasper : .....Jiejie...

Me : Yes?

Jasper : You still remember what did you say last night?

Me : ...ermm...what did I say?

Jasper : You said you ask me to become your boyfriend right?

Me : oowwhh...ya, but you said you don't want.

Jasper : Now I want. Okay?

Me : Why?

Jasper : So that I can sit on your legs. *small laugh*

Me : No, I don't want already.

Jasper : I WANT!! I WANT!!! I WANT TO BECOME YOUR BOYFRIEND! jiejie please?


You see....hilarious right? He remembered what I said last night. Now in return, he bargained with me, opting for a WIN WIN situation... *sweattttttt*

.shake my head and smiles.

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cAthcAth said...

lol!hilarious!when intro ur handsome bf to me?