29 March 2008

Seafood & Homecoming - Day 4

Continued post after Day 1 and Day 3.

There are quite a number of Seafood restaurants scattered around the island. I was brought to New Sung Hwa restaurant in Labuan town area, above the Fisherman's Lounge. This restaurant is best known among the tourists and again ... Labuan-ian rated as the best seafood restaurant in town.

You tried snails before?


You need a toothpick to dig out the snail meat

Only came to remember when the snails were served, I forgot to take pictures of the previous dishes. Nothing special on the dishes like usual fried fish, deer meat, fried crab, to fu and vegetable...so 6 dishes in all costs RM 135. Would you say it is cheap? I have no idea. But Labuan-ian says it is cheaper compare to KK city. It could be true, where by KK has 5% government charges out of the total bill... or if you compare with Portview, Ocean Seafood Restaurants, then yes it is expensive.

Labuan island by night (Raining)

The town itself is beautiful. Their street lights not just a long standing poll, with a bulb on the top part. The body of the standing poll has its' craved shape and design. The grey pathway are well taken care with the alley built of red bricks.

It was raining cats and dogs on Monday night. Due to the geographical area, there's no sign of downpour in the next hour such as clouds turn dark nor big wind blow, it just came all in a sudden "SPLASH"....!!! As if someone from the above level pouring water down to the ground. All the way it went non-stop for several hours.

I have the strong feeling of going home when I was there. Wished I could arrive KK as soon as possible after ticket was bought.

Fare = RM 36, Port fee RM = 3 Total : RM 39 for first class

The port is nicely build because it's also an international port. Brunei-ians also enter Labuan by express ferry. Just as you stepped out the ferry, the duty free shop is luring you. In order to purchase cheap products, I think it would be Monegain shop. I reckon the duty free shops along the port area might costs a little than those farther ones because humans tend to do last minute shopping yet also due to convenient sake.

Departure Hall

Arrival hall

During my trip back to KK, there were a few tourists in the same fleet with me. I can't distinguish their appearance of where are they from, but caught slightly of their language (too much of watching Mexican drama) , they seemed to be from South America and some British. Walking down town, I heard many people speaking an uncommon language, might be Tagalog, according to their skin colour and dressing, people from the Philippines searching for bread and butter in Labuan.

The one and only entertainment for the long haul journey is TV. You have no choice to watch what you desire...but watch what is on screen. Pity, they showed OUTDATED movies... like dead silence...

Boxing on-screen

You are advised to bring a warm clothing because the air condition is centralized and it's cold. Slowly, I started to keep on fidgeting as I could not drowse to sleep. Just when I was at the edge to turn hysterical, I looked out the window...

Fishermen's ship

Suria KK in construction. Taken during on-going. The picture is in blue because the ferry glass are tinted.


YAYYYY!! I'm back!!

.It's going to rain soon.

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