17 June 2009

Little Details in Chicago

I am sure some of you might tired reading long post (like I did in Intro Chicago). Come up with some enlightenment and unusual things I came across during in Chicago.

- What is this??

Answer : Burger

You are wrong! It is a cake but decorated as burger.

Try again.

- You want some cake?

Answer : Not a cake but a huge cookie. Gotchaa! :p

Americans are damn creative!!

I was here looking for some supplements for my parents. This is how they categories their stuff.

Memory Mental Clarity. Does it mean making our memory more clear? Such medication should be controlled medicines. Well, it is common here. Surprisingly! So if you are in overseas, can buy this for lebih kejelasan memori. LOLLL!! Such a good one especially for students to have more clear(as in stronger) memory in what they studied.

- What is the weight of your soap you use for shower? We don't even care to know don't we?

Nah, Americans sell soap like these...

Buy lah buy! not How Many you One versus/is How Big you Want. $1.36 per ounce.

- Environmental friendly bag for shopping. You want mehhh?

See. Many people want it!! So many contest forms in the small box. They are much aware in protecting the trees. They used either the friendly bag above or paper bag. Not like us plastic.

- Avocado Saver.
Cannot finish? Tight the avacado & store in the fridge. So cute lah! Avacado saver pun ada...

- Blockbuster/Hollywood. Fast & easy dvd rental kiosk.

To return just slot into the machine too. People are civilized, that's why they have self-service like that. Not like us. Put it somewhere kena vandalism or either no one gonna return it ever! Geezz...

- Cta buses. Equipped for disables also, very convenient taking buses one. Tell me how do you let the bus driver know you are getting down on the station?

Think. Think!

By pulling the yellow string beside the window shield. I didn't know why because I thought pressing is more convenient. According to my dad, he said easier for everyone to access whereever you stand. If you are standing apart from the button (like rapid buses) then couldn't stop the driver. So with string, everyone just pull.

- Love riding. There you go! Bicycle also become passenger.


Next update : Milky Tea? Dim sum? Show you the real food!


Alvin Lim said...

i saw the car outside the bus, i tot is proton. hahaha.

Je m'appelle CPS said...

wow...really cute la the creative products in chicago,i guess u really enjoy 4 de trip :) envynya~~

sooclara said...

alvin : i didnt see buatan malaysia there. LOL!

CPS : yeah very enjoy! hehehe!!

Kikey Loo said...

yup, Chicago is a nice city..