19 June 2008

A great Morning!

Lately, the things I've said happened in reality!! WTH!! So "leng"!! I should keep my mouth shuts! Even my friend said, why I'm so accurate with the future happenings??!! Owwhh...if only that happen for real in MY LIFE. I'm gonna non-stop bragging about how awesome my future gonna be!!!

It's been a while I didn't get up at 7am in the morning because there isn't any reason I need to do so. But today, this morning, it's different.

I never felt the jolly for so long that I could see the sunrise, the warmth, the sunshine through my car window. Ahhh, it felt so good! I thought for a second, I should practice waking up early every morning now and then, another minute I murmured, why do I need to wake up early? What do I do?

...so OBVIOUS...~~ I need a permanent full time work, and there comes the commitment ladylike, you need that alarm to wake up. No further thought after that, dropped it, don't screw my great morning! :D


Remember I wrote a little part of the Songs that had been playing for some time? The music seem to fade, but it does still play again and again which leads to the term I applied - Forget and Forgive - . New songs are aborning slowly and I hope the pace is maintain until I finally identify the solid ground for reasoning to the new songs painting a more wonderful and picturesque events. I'm for sure to share the great joy with you.

I am not vulnerable, I'm just delighted for the end result. Nothing but the end result. eerrr...wait~ The smooth and allowance of process lead to the end result, so it is an essential part of the growing mushroom. :)) Give me more, give me more!

So SWEETTT!!! Tell me I DO!! or else I'll shoot you! *Bang*

Manusia sekalian, I slept at 2am + and woke up at 7am naturally. It's 2.12pm now and I'm not sleepy yet!! Wow..this is miracle~~



Mei-Wah said...

gimme gimme gimme gimme more!!!
more camwhore photos!!!

great to know that you want to wake up early~~~ :)

sooclara said...


cAth said...

thanks for advertise me in ur blog (@.@) im half dead now..my brain gonna explode liao...help!!!! BTW,apa programme tonight? =D