21 June 2008

3 years down the road

We graduated high school at the aged of seventeen, and there's where everyone started to go separate ways. At times of holiday, everyone tried to make an hour or so to catch up with each other.

Let me introduce them to you. Those I rarely contact which come to once or twice in a year. Still when we come face to face, we still fill up the cup with lots of saliva than tea.

The only girl that was in the same class with me in Upper Secondary was the one wearing brown blouse standing behind me. She is working in her dad's factory after high school until today.

The pink is in Inti Sabah, switched subjects studying QS. The middle in Nottingham doing medicine,same goes with the white blouse girl beside me, the next one in Spore - accounting, the end wearing white blouse standing, I really don't know! (Didn't get to talk to her though)

The sited one, from corner right, Unitar KK and the one beside with curly hair in Spore also.

We are still enjoying our youth days...and we've this common and popular question "So are you attached now?"

Ahem ahem! I always gave them the same answer every year.

But before they BOOM me this time...I answered them.

"Fate is not coming my way yet. We just need to wait for the right time. You'll never know, one day maybe this red invitation card arrived at your doorstep. That time, you might have heart attack then."

Everyone broke into laughter.

"Yeah, you'll never know. Don't be so anxious about it."

I feel good..ne ne ne ne ne...Like sugar is spice! Wakakakak :DD

.will see another 5years from now.

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Mei-Wah said...

meeting up with good ol' pal is fun - keeping up with each others life, updates updates updates... :D