15 June 2008

Papa's Day! & Rasa Nyonya

Wishing all the Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Father, going-to-be-father,


nothing is more valuable than investing your time to have dinner together. Yeah, I'll be doing that since I can't afford to buy him Polo Perfume which I love to smell when he had it on. (that will be some day!! i just need some time~~)

Getting ready for dinner. Hope you enjoy yours too.


This is my dad~~

Just showing you his side look, he isn't a tycoon or a rich man with many properties neither earning a lot lot lot that several generations doesn't need to work.

With that you still think why I'm just showing you side look then, when he is none of the above?

Well well...because he has a GORGEOUS DAUGHTER!!!! *winkz* You might recognized him and then kidnapped me!! Laugh Out Loud!! (let me perasan sikit ok...since I cannot perasan in front of beautiful girls..but at least in MY BLOG!! hehehe..)

And so, Papa's Day itself, my family and some relatives celebrated in Rasa Nyonya.

And everyone out there, don't come during on Sundays, many of the chef recommended dishes or the main dishes of Nyonya is not available. The restaurant opens at 6pm on Sunday which is doing dinner only that's why not much dishes will be prepared.

Of course the main dish of all is Curry Fish Head. The menu wrote curry but it tastes more like tomyam, nevertheless still THUMBS UP~ good one, no lie!

Claypot tofu. Nothing special, like any other restaurants offered. But here is bloody expensive. Normal cost is around RM 26 and people complaint it's costly yet here, RM 35.

Black Pepper Beef. This is good man...it opens your appetite directly!! Though you're not hungry, it makes you go for second round again. The big onions taste so springy and crunchy.

Other dishes not at any special, like butter prawn with cheese and organic sawi...no need to show lah..very common. hehe!!

9.45pm we called it a night!

.am hungry now because of the beef!!.

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Mei-Wah said...

cuddled you again!

wah, i lurve beef, espeacially it's cooked with black pepper!

happy daddy's day to Mr. Soo!