06 June 2008

Songs and Months

This post is not to amuse your attention. Skip this! It has nothing to do with you and you wouldn't wanna know.

I just blogged a few hours ago. At 4.22am now, I'm here in front of my look-light notebook indeed a heavy one. I must be crazy! Yes, I AM! This hour, this time, I should be snoring and dreaming away in my humongous single bed which can fit two person, with my smelling good blanket and my bolster, a must. Today, isn't a good one, for no reason, I've taken my supper yet I'm still an owl! What the Heck!

Windows Media Player is at work, to bring me to cloud9, giving me the pleasures of comfort and recharging my batteries! To no avail, I'm still stuck in between. Songs and Months. Two different issues bringing one ambiguous of rewind plays and one hand a complete smear step to board the flight. I hate the feeling before the break of dawn, especially right now, in this caliginous room alone, when the television is looking at me, sofas are nicely made and I, focusing my fingers on the keyboard while my eyes a few inches apart from the monitor screen.

A few songs; English, Chinese and Malay had been played. Each with a start but without an ending. I didn't know why but they were this way once upon a time until today it remains. You wouldn't know too because only one know why, the truth lies behind the songs of once bringing joy, bliss and wonderfulness, now is gone bringing unwanted reminiscence. I don't care that matter but I care one and only matter. One only, is that too much I'm asking for?

Now the months. Urgh! 2008 for better for worst - I am still not going to give a death sentence when the year is not ended yet. A month closer to make a decision, between two answers of Yes and No. If I skipped this chance, I'm gonna wait until next year....I'm saying next year 2009! Why there's myriad of decisions to make?

I wouldn't know whether this post will remain, because previously I posted many, on a whim, I deleted them. Only if you were lucky, you did catch a glimpse. Not once, came to uncountable times, I reconcile with the fact, I'm not here to rant and babble! That's was why my heading wasn't welcoming.

Could you please do me a favor? A post is a post? Let the voices remain here, no sights of whispering, you can, but not physically. Thank you!

Electricity are rising too, I guess its time to save energy as well.

I'm done ranting!


peterrrr said...

life is about making decisions. You dont do it now, you've to do it somehow, someday, sometime.

you're good in analyzing. so you wont be making very big difference if there's a slight mistake. trust yourself.

chloe said...

nice written piece!

Mei-Wah said...

i'm here to give you another cuddle... 4:22 am and u are still awake? you should be asleep right now... *sigh* tonnes of SKII or clinique also can't help leh if like that...

make wise decision, and treasure each and every chance you have! if the chance gone, then it's hard to get it back...

sooclara said...

peterrrr : but for my own analyzing i fail kao2!!!

chloe : thanks!

mei wah : i purposely make the font small dee...now all the pimples pop out already *sigh*