11 June 2008

1Borneo soft opening

1Borneo has finally opened its door to Sabahan after delaying again and again. And now that we don't need to fly all the way to KL to get the food or stuffs we fond, it's all here. Yet today, we have at least ONE shopping mall which can be seen and proud of.

I'm somewhat happy that there is...

Manhattan Fish Market. I like the dishes here - the way of cooking and presenting the fish are unique! Fish & Co. is as good too. Yum yumm...anyone wanna date me?

They had these celebrities from Hong Kong and local to bring some entertainment. Didn't exactly get to see them, just from the above angle.

Though Bobby Au Yong is one of my fav actor in TVB!! He is damn good, even he doesn't look handsome, tapi sanggup he become my husband!!! muahahhaha!!!

Bobby Au Yong is the one wearing cap

Cannot see lahh...many people blocking my view. So, I better go looked at Hush Puppies!!

yay!!! Cute mannn~~ I want this. But for what? Don't care lah...I just want to smuggle this back home! BYEBYE!!!

*evil laughs*


Miss Bimbo said...

i can't wait to fly to Sabah. I want to check out that newly open mall you have. what stores do they have over there?

Mei-Wah said...

wah wah... poor doggie... clara wanna bring him back~ hehehe... :)

iBorneo finally opened? i wanna go there someday too... i miss charles & keith teribbly lor... :(

eh, did u know u can "buy 1 free 1" fish and chips at Manhattan fish market? type "my111 manhattan" and send to 33365~~~

sooclara said...

miss bimbo : there are a lot of those branded stores but didnt see LV yet!hehe..sort of like midvalley~ got CK, Esprit, charles and keith, guess, brusels and etc. when are you coming? Maybe we can meet up?

mei wah : ehh..does that apply to Sabah branch de? if got i want oo!!