24 June 2008

The 9th Hour

8 hours of silence. 8 hours of shaky trees. 8 hours of million rushing thoughts. 8 hours of butterflies in the stomach. 8 hours of body upset.

Nothing related paint the picture.

The 9th hour came, the shadows were seen, voices were heard, music were played.

As in nothing had happened.

I am one of the finalist for the Confusion Award.


Are you confused? Even the master doesn't know what is she talking about!

.people say it's great.


cAth said...

hahahahaa....everything is back to normal again?=)

allaboutattitude said...

hehe sounds like a drama unfolding

sooclara said...

cath : if only you get what i mean..hehe!

allaboutattitude : we will see. hehe!

cAth said...

of course i know wat u mean *winks