16 June 2010

Back in action

Wuhhooo!!! I just had my last paper and I hope I can pass. Say no more for now because it's time to be happy!

I am so carried away. With cursor switching back and forth - facebook, university website (i think i should close this, since i'm outta here), blue mountains and this blogspot window! The thing about blue mountain window is because i am going there tomorrow! So excited. DVD and chips is absolutely a thing here for a sleepover. So, yes I am going to enjoy in Australian style tomorrow as I am staying in an ang-moh friend's home.

Three sister peak. Go google to know about the legend.

And after blue mountain, I will move to another cousin's house for a month which is nearer to city. Means more shopping to be done and maybe some sight seeing, if mum wants to do so. But she maybe probably get bored by now since she has been here for like 6 weeks!

This mean alot of packing to be done and I haven't did any yet!

Btw, I find out the new version of designing the templates are cool! Probably I want to change again. Let's see if I ever have time to sit down and browser one by one to make a change.


Sista said...

How was Blue mt.? Did you enjoy? :) Miss u.

Anonymous said...

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BeverLy's Secret said...

Good luck!!! You can do it for sure :)

joven said...

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grizzlygirl17 said...

I love your blog!!

Megs and Simmy said...

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