26 January 2010

Taiwan Highlights

Yo! I am back from Taiwan!

It was indeed a wonderful trip comprises of shopping, sightseeing & gourmet. With the $$$ that I spend and the coverage of all the things I did, I find it to be quite worthy! ;)

Guess what? I still left like RM400+ after speding 6 days 5 nights!

The hotel that I spend my 5 nights were not incredibly great nor sickening!I just paid for like RM120 per night; the room & bed were just nice to measure with the small bucks. Breakfast was way simple than ever with the same routine every single day; Ham, scramble eggs and bread with hot soya bean and coffee & tea.

It is not coffee, is just the cup. The content is soya bean ok.

I must say, their soya bean is just way too great!! AMAZING! so smooth, you must try it!

Longshan Street Market

I find Taiwanese are very keen into small bite foods which can get everywhere in Street Markets. Price ranging from RM1.50 to about RM9.00. I ate a little here & there also felt full after that.

Comparing the old streets of Taipei and the modern development; Taipei 101, really a big difference. I some how could relate Taiwan and Korea. Both are similar in terms of their street markets, modern buildings and the people are just everywhere! I think, Asia countries are more or less the same maybe except Japan.

Need to unpack now. More stories again! Babai!


Joanne said...

Hi, u back.My turn to go soon.^^ Sound nice, hope I will enjoy too.

sooclara said...

yeah, i heard from chun ping. hehe! have a fun trip! I am sure u can buy lots of shoes!! ;)

bring enough $$. so tht u dont need 2 worry..haha

Anonymous said...

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