22 September 2008

Marinate chicken wings without getting your hands dirty

The topic interest you? We always have the chicken smell on our hands after doing the marination. I'm gonna share with you, how I marinate chicken wings without getting my hands with chicky smell.

And the chicken wings taste better still, than getting hands dirty in marinating them.

First of all, ready a clean plastic bag. Marinate with plastic bag could spread the mixture evenly on every chicken wings so that when you consume, you wouldn't find a part of not being marinated.

Pour light soya sauce into the bag. (depending on how many wings)

It will look like this.

And then add oyster sauce.

To make wings taste superb, all you need to do is, lesung the ginger to get the ginger drips.

By using your palm, squeeze the ginger which has been lesung.

After that, you can start transfering the clean wings one by one into the plastic bag by using a clipper. Then flip the chicken wing side by side so that the mixture could spread evenly on the wings. (Slight cut on the chicken wings would be better so that the mixture sauce could get into the chicken flesh)

Finally, all in. Tied the plastic bag tightly with rubber band without air trapping inside the bag.

Your chicken wings are done. For better result, marinate 1 day before frying/grill/baked.

If you have tried it as I've recommended above, let me know your result. :D

Say Goodbye to smelly chicky hands.


Gallivanter said...

Thanks for making me hungry! :-P

Mei-Wah said...

hey! smart idea!!! :)
thank you ya~
i really never thought of that!