17 August 2011

Signs of shopping!!

Just a quickie :) to keep my blog alive!

Guess what I've received from the mailbox today?!

Still dunno what is it? -____-

It's a gift card with $150 value in it. How do I get this? Well, imma picked it from the street. wtf! ahaha! JK *lame

Nah, it was one of the Nokia campaign that I did videos for them and in return they rewarded us with giftcard! I tried to upload the videos but the link had expired! It's all my friend's fault. I was just lucky to still get this giftcard though.

Now i've got money to spend. Yayy!! Ok. Right now, imma dunno what to buy. But all I can think about is food which I don't think the food court actually accept giftcard.

Any suggestions? Please do drop a comment! Oh, I will definitely thank you in return with photos bomb with all the stuff I bought!!

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Brenda said...

as them if you can exchange it for cash! haha. you can try their food court, who knows it can be used there?