21 August 2011

Guess Guess Guess

Kill Me! Kill Me!!

My assignment of(not 30 not 300)3000words is due on Thursday. Imma is breathless but still hardworking to post something. So to proof my hardworkingness, this is the evidence. wtfwtf hahaha :) Don't u love me for that!! Thank you :p

so let's play a Guess Guess Guess game. mmmm?? I said 'a' shouldn't it be one guess only meh? whatever. haha! u can have not 1 not 2 but 3 guesses. Or even more if u insist to be so enthusiastic and have full of ideas /boo.

Why suddenly I post a picture from no where?!

Well, this is the guess game its' all about. Try and make a wild guess where I took this picture (NZ-deer don't spoil my guess game!!), with all the colourful glasses as the backdrop. Aha! I bet u guys will be surprised when I reveal my answer.








>>>>>>>>The answer is>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>





will be revealed in my next post.


Brenda said...

zha tou!

sooclara said...

u didnt guess ah?!

Brenda said...

my answer is, it's a place i never go before haha.

sooclara said...

u still havent answer the question. it's not funny :/

Brenda said...

*crying* wtf