29 July 2011

Sand boarding Ninety Mile Beach


I was in Miami Bitch 90 mile beach. Tu tu tu tu *disco light effect* Sorry, maybe u don't get me coz I siok sendiri. wtf! but if u duno what I mean, go google, u will see there's a song by Pitbull. When I say tu tu, I don't mean my dog #insidejoke ahahahah!! Sorry, siok sendiri again. FML.

Anyway, as promised, I will show u what I've done to my seashells!

TA - DA ~~~

Nice or not jeh?

Edited - NZ = New Zealand. And the word Opotiki is the name of the place where I took the seashells.

I purposely captured the books at the background. That's what I'm doing this winter and those are part of my resources aka readings. Don't get me wrong, I am not studious, I probably didn't do all the readings. blekkkk -___-

I've got a couple of videos to show you :D Taken from New Zealand. (Got some from Gold Coast, haven't post yet!!!!)

Today, I am going to show u one only. So if u wanna see more, u have to come back and visit this page lahh hehehe!! But before that, I have to clarify a bit. The vid is shaky though becoz the wind was so strong, u can actually here it blowing at the background and I had difficulty in maintaining my hands. It was ridiculously loud and I find it inappropriate to keep it so loud and harm your ears. I know u want to thank me. U r most welcome.

Though I still keep the wind blowing sound, it is in a minimize volume which is to proof to u I'm not lying.

So if you're going to NZ, don't forget to try this. Although I almost sprained my wrist.wtf! I am so bad in balancing. I will let you know more details when I blog about it soon. The tour is amazingly cheap, which u will thank me again for the info.

For the time being, watch this to feed your eyes.

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Brenda said...

tutu lol! he muz be sneezing at home haha.