01 August 2011

90 mile beach story

The day I went to sand boarding was the day the weather went crazy. It was all rainy in the morning and then sunny the next second and rainy again the next minute. FTS! We were so mad at the weather becoz we can't have beautifool pics. But u have to read this until the end to know about the good deal :P

90 mile beach is really 90 mile. The stretch is as wide as the sky. See the map, the line is so long, what more on earth, right?! Eventually, u can drive your car in 90 mile beach but bear in mind, any undesireable mishaps, insurance company won't pay u that. And it will definitely turn ur car into all muddy-puddy. So think twice if u wanna drive urself. Why not pay $50 to let tour guide to bring u around? (so to know the deal, read till the end)

For no apparent reason, I find it to be very cold here. In geographical sense, 90 mile beach is up on the North of the island, so it shouldn't be that 'cold' rather it should be the warmest part of all other places in NZ. Of all places I've visited in NZ, 90mile beach, Kaitaia and Whangarei has the coldest temperature throughout my stay.

And the next minute, the sky started to turn grey.

Hello $20 boots. :))))

Then it started to rain. If rain have to use wiper, means the rain is not tolerable right?

Nah, to show how serious was the rain. Look at the windows!! Until imma had to use hoodie.

Lucky enough, I wore enough warm clothes. Or else I would only sit in the bus and sulk which was what most people did. But coz I damn kiasu, paid already and don't fully utilized it, rugi kao2.

And it was all sunny again. Do I look like a nomad? wtf! The wind was so strong!!

Then sky turned grey again. really FOL @.@

Started to get sunny again. It's like a cycle. After this, the pics are better coz the sky heard our cries.

On the way to the place to sand board. so ur car actually have to drive through all kinds of watery stream and hopefully ur tyres won't sink :0

Finally, we arrived. And I almost fell into the stream coz the wind was so strong and I can't even sustain myself, some more have to hold the sand board.

After a million minutes, I stood on the other stream ready to climb up the sand dune and slide down. See all the people up there. Getting ready to slide one by one. So big place still have to queue up!! what is this lahh??

And after a zillion minutes, I've reached the top. Almost half dead but still able to smile and show u a pic. quick arigato me!! This is the pic before I almost sprained my wrist. And the funny part is... okay, promise me not to laugh. wtf! imma actually rolled half way down the sand dune becoz imma lost balance and the sand board flew away and I can't grip the sand to stop myself. FTSSSS!! Damn paiseh! I think people on the top were laughing at me. ish ishhh!!

Then, no more second time. wtf! 1) cz i rolled down n my wrist felt pain. 2) have to climb up again for a zillion minutes. haha! 3) another laughing comedy show? damn u!

ohh... it's winter I know and u r asking how could I stand the cold sand without my boots? Good question. Well, it's not really that cold until u actually can't stand on the sand. It's a bit chilly but I'm sure everyone could be able to walk. Tips : the best time to come here is summer. But becoz I wanted to go to the far north, the tip of NZ, I might as well visit here too.

Now the good deal I was talking about is finally going to be revealed.

This tour is a full day tour from 8.30am until about 4ish. And the price I was paying is NZD 50. If u compare with other tour packages, there are all NZD100++ to NZD 200++. With the price I was paying, we also had lunch provided but only scones, biscuits and snacks. So don't expect u will be served fish and chips which other tour packages did. The disadvantage about this tour is, they don't do pick up, so u either have to be at Harrisons Cape Runner office by 8am or at Kaitaia I-site before 8.30am. They don't wait for tourists, in fact, tourists have to wait for them. But all in all, with the price u pay, u don't expect to be treated like king and queens. After sand boarding, they don't provide a bucket of water for u to wash ur feet, but other tours did. LOLL!! Tips : bring wet tissuessss!! They really help. That was what I did though.

Harrisons Cape Runner
123 North Road KAITAIA
New Zealand

Cape Reinga Tours via 90 Mile Beach
Ph: (09) 4081033
E-mail: CAPETOURS@xtra.co.nz


Brenda said...

aiyah why didn't you ask the person who took those photos to take a video of you during the slide? ahaha. btw, who took those photos?

sooclara said...

all the photos are taken by myself lahh..unless those with me inside, CJQ took them for me!! yeah i reckon i should but i didnt wana climb up again n ask CJQ to take my video. it's so embarrassing ok. I already half way rolling down :|