27 July 2011


Can u hear me shouting that into your ears? wth! Haha! I'm so evil like that. I just can't seem to emphasize enough. Need more ohm-ness, so that requires a bit of shouting.

The purpose of this post is pointless. Really. I just wanna show off my CRIMPING hair only. Okay, have to bold and caps the word becoz I kept on spelling it cripping. English spelling test fail! If u have the same standard of failing like me wtf, u may just use the word "jagung" (corn), that's how some people actually define it.

Try this Alize Lemonade if u don't want too much alcohol or either u don't want to drink but no way out at least need to have a glass in your hand just becoz u are in a bar. FTS.

Two things in this pic. 1) becoz of my hair. Again. :D 2) becoz of the balloon. got helium gas inside that's why can fly in the air.

Jagung hair (!!!!) might stick with it for quite a while. This is actually faster than curling lor. And I didn't apply anything to my hair, not even spray. But please do not try this at home without heat protection, it is dangerous and may cause serious damage to your hair. Do I sound formal enough to warn u? LOL!

I know u are sick with it but yes, I AM LOVING MY HAIR!

p/s: sorry didn't show my seashells. Blame it on my hair lah that took over this post! Ok, promise, next post. Imma wanna be a good blogger to u.

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Brenda said...

you finally got it right and your hair is not pai kiok anymore. HAHAHA!