24 July 2011

Awakeri Hot Springs

NZ is popular for Hot Springs besides farms. So if you go to NZ and Hot Spring is not in your itinerary ... hmmm, think again @.@

So Awakeri is the one and only hot spring I went to. HAHAHA! I sounded like a hu-ha-thing but then I just visited once. Oh well, coz going to hot spring alone is not a good idea #foreveralone wtf. I chose Awakeri because it is nearby to my friend's and we went there after she had finished her work.

Just to let you know, it felt so great to actually soak in warm water when the weather was freezing. Here you go with the pics.

Surprising, quite a few people were there as well. Mostly the natives - Maori.

Us. Can you tell what's the red thing behind me?! Hint : Food =P




Take a break. Have a ____ . U are welcome to fill in the blank.

Sorry not many pics, indulged with too much Kit Kat and enjoying the warm inside the pool. Thank me for the photos! I took my camera to the pool without any protection *bravo. And it was raining a bit!! That's why the pics were a bit blurry. Pardon me.

It is not the best hot springs in NZ but if u are happen to be around in this area and looking for one, I would definitely encourage u to pay a visit coz there's nothing much around Whakatane & Ohope unless u are into nature activities. And also it is only $6 per entry, without any time limit. Soak until your fingers and toes turn wrinkly white and until u are satified and have enough of pee it.

Awakeri Hot Springs
1363 State Highway 30
Whakatane, 3192
Bay of Plenty


Brenda said...

nice cap, asyik makan kitkat only ah. noms.

Jia Qi said...

Awakeri Hot Springs should thank you and pay you advertising fee. It was a good, relaxing night after work...going to hot spring, what a luxury haha.