23 July 2011

Love Box

If you think that this post is about my other half. You are wrong =P Read on!

This other day, I woke up so moody because of the dark sky. This week has been a raining week. And cars shall turn to canoes soon. Wtf!

As expected, the love box would arrived anytime this week - to my door step. Nothing can beat this box, even the rain.

If you have been reading me, you will be able to guess what's inside.

Must be her pyjamas!!! ha.. you are right, but not entirely.


Just because my friend is too kind, too good and our friendship is strong, so there you go.

Griffin's Toffee Biscuit from NZ. This one is not available in Aussie so that's why she wants me to try it. On top of that, while having Griffin's and tea, she thinks that I should as well read a mag, NZ mag indeed. Why she keep promoting NZ??!! Kena paid or what?! HAHAHA!

I can feel the content of the box with *heartshapes* !!! You are the best, Jackie!!

ohh, did you notice two seashells? Go spot it in the pic. I actually took that from Ohope beach for craftwork purposes. But seeing, the Australia border is very strict, I don't wanna get fine RM200 for taking seashells back, instead she posted them to me. Boohoo!! Ok, I will show u what I did in my next post.

It's 4.59am, Sydney time. What the hell I am doing at blogspot?! So, to thank me, please visit often. Baibai.


Brenda said...

Winter cookbook will do you good this time! Quick experience some recipes and show here! heh

Jia Qi said...

Glad it brought a smile to your day. Actually, the winter cookbook was what cuaght my eyes in the first place and of course then, I realise it's a NZ mag so, it was perfect=) Hope you found some good recipes to experiment with!