27 September 2010

Brief Update


My week was so great with lots of events. Let me show you the events details ;)

Saturday :

I was very upset when I reached there for my appointment, the lady told me the goodie bag already finish! How can? I've registered earlier and I had an appointment, how could my goodie bag been taken by someone else!?! Poor management! So, they told me they will send the goodies to my house, let's see whether they really do it!

Sunday & Monday :

*insert study picture*

At home. Trying hard to concentrate my studies. Oh well, you don't need to see my boring sleepy face reading a book. LOL!

Tuesday :

In a suburb - Lakemba for field trip. It is part of my assignment. And now I have to work a report of 2,000 words. FML!

Started to get interesting ;)

Wednesday :

Free movie! I warn you guys out there N.O.W - do not watch this movie, it is really a waste of time and money (unless you adore Zac Efron like crazy). I wouldn't have watch it if it's not free. The best part was, yay! goodie bag! Will show you in my next post ;) Stay Tune!

Thursday :

Unlimited cocktail, sandwiches and dessert! Goshhh!! Damn great. And exchange my dress for another dress. Show you in next post too. (This post is purposely to suspense you) Also, goodie bag again. So so GOODD!

Friday : 

*pictures stolen from 30days of fashion & beauty

Free make up event. Yay! goodie bag again (*.*) Everything free is good.

Saturday :

Guess what?! I wrote 250 words in my assignment. At least I have some production. hehehe... / boo

Sunday :

Malaysia Festival in Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour.

After all the good stuff . . . one bad news!! :( You guys have to pity my leg. I fell down in Chinatown! Bloody uneven pavement. 

Look like pig's leg now...

Stop laughing ok, please show some compassion after I fed you with good news.

Taken today. Seriously, super swollen now.

Still a little painful. Can't twist or bend. 

End of my mid-break. What about yours?

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Sista said...

welcome back! been missing you... well actually wanted to see the goodies lol.

really swollen leh your leg, what have you rub on it?