10 September 2010

Boring Stuff

It's such a boring day to me although I have piles of assignment to finish. Instead, I wasted my time surfing some useless sites, watching tv games shows and cooked. I had fabulous laksa a while ago. YUMS!

When I was in KK, I don't bother to actually list good food on my blog once I've patron one. Everyone knows KK is full of mouth watering food, you can't deny that. Therefore, my goal now is to list the food when I fly back for holiday. But all of you would have know "Jia Siang - sang nyuk mien" or "Kah Hiong - Ngiu Chap", those are really overrated now and the price shot up like nobody's business because there are yummy and everyone wants to eat. I hate food outlets like that, just because alot of people introduce their dishes, they started to gain more customer and their prices increased dramatically damaging the food market industry. Really.

We can now see the prices between kopitiam (coffee shop) and fast food outlet now, almost in the same range. It is really saddening when I favour the kopitiam so much before but now I didn't want too. Hence, we should boikot those kopitiams or restaurant that they hijacked the prices after being on advertisement and recommended. If everyone do this, I am sure the owner wouldn't dare to simply put a label on the noms noms anymore.

Blog properly tomorrow or whenever. okthanksbye!  Happy weekend everyone!


ken said...

everything is increasing.. a small plate of rice and chicken at old town kopitiam also costs rm9.90 already - not including tax yet! =/

sooclara said...

ken : yes i know! its really ridiculous!! and with that amount of money, you can have mcdonalds meal already :((((